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The Gentle Rain

Is this a man’s world?
‘Course it is, my life!
But it would be nothing without you!
This one goes out to the Light of a Man’s Life…
and to all those good Men who’ve seen it 😉

Welcome to lentil-land!

Destination Wedding in Ikaria Greece

Welcome to lentil-land!

Here moments are preciouscherishedtimelesscapturedimmortalised

Here wedding photography goes hand in hand with


#Big Squeezy HUGS
#Open Mouth LAUGHS
#MakeUp Ruining TEARS
#Dancing / Partying / LIVING it all


…like there’s no tomorrow!


madly in love?
party animals?
touched by the little things?
genuine and open?
tired of wedding photos starting to go ‘meh’ when it starts going DARK?


everywhere & nowhere at the same time.
here FOR you.
here WITH you.
here to drink your beer and SHOOT** you till you drop.

meet* the wedding photographers you always dreamt of but were afraid to ask for

lets get together and make some MOMENTS** magic

Rea & Nikos | Wedding at Sikyon Coast Hotel And Resort, Xylokastro

From the beautiful villa of Sikelianos at Sikyon Coast that hosted the simple, understated ceremony, to the amazing beach right beside it that became the venue of a wedding party that blew our minds and from the gorgeous, warm-hearted couple to their welcoming and full of positive energy family and friends, Rea and Niko’s wedding was a full-on feast for the eyes and soul!
Check it out 🙂

Evita & Pantelis | Wedding in Paros island, Greece

This is not just another beautiful destination wedding.
This is a half week of wedding celebrations on the island of Paros, complete with boat trips, beach parties, a dream of a wedding day and a kick-ass wedding party!
This is a story of Family, Friendship, Love and Happiness.
This is Evita and Pantelis getting married in Paros. 😀

Lazy D Summer 2018 Collection Shoot @lentil Studio

Back at the studio with Lazy D to help them present their
fabulous summer 2018 collection of handmade dresses and wedding gowns.
If you’re looking for some truly unique pieces to wear this summer
do check them out! 😉

Vasso & Warwick | Wedding @Island Athens Riviera

Another beautiful wedding of two beautiful souls at one of our favourite wedding venues, the Island Private House on the Athens Riviera.
Thank you guys for having us and for the amazing wedding party!
It really was a night to remember and now we got the photographs that ‘ll make sure that we do 😉
Wishing you all the best! 🙂