Corporis Miracula Ensemble Staged 24,25,26&27 Oct. 2014 @Greek Art Theatre Karolos Koun

Fear & Loathing in Maratho

Just a wee taste of this year’s August nights (-turned dawns-turned days) in Ikaria.
Huge hug to all the people that once again made it feel like home for me there!!! 🙂

Atermon Plefsis | an artist’s video portrait

In 2010, in preparation for his exhibition ”Atermon Plefsi III” (Endless Sailing III) in the National Art Museum of China, Vangelis Rinas built a 12 meter long instrument-shaped wooden boat. His initial inspiration for the work was drawn by the shape of an olive leaf and that combined with the idea…

Spyros Pan @TEDxAthens

Sat. November 30 our friend and collaborator Spyros Pan opens the second day of the 2013 TEDxAthens event baring the title/theme ‘Uncharted Waters’ with a great performance.
Unpaved roads. Uncomfortable truths. Unchallenged limits. Unmeasured depths. Unfamiliar situations. Unmarked territories. Unexplored emotions. Unlimited possibilities.
Have you ever found yourself in unknown circumstances?