Theo speaking:
Danai has been much more than a friend to me, and for me, since… well, since I can remember myself.
In our wedding work we lentil guys are all about MOMENTS (I guess you’ve guessed that by the page title but..).
Happy, Beautiful, Emotional, Funny… MOMENTS. Through all these years we’ve shared so many of them with Danai -and Thodwris for the past decade or so that he’s been with her- that any amount or quality of lens work was bound to just not cut it for me!
But then again, I also knew that any amount or quality of words could not express how much I love Danai and Thodoris and how hard I wish them to be happy and healthy and together till the end of time.
So, with the help of my lentil mate George, I thought I’d give the lens work a shot.
Hope it does something…