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Danai & Dimitris | Winter Wedding at Kalarrytes

No fancy venues, no flashy decorations, no fireworks… Just pure, distilled love, happiness & beauty in a company of the closest friends and family in a picturesque village at the Tzoumerka mountain range…

Chara & Nikos | Wedding at FOUAR Restaurant & Bar

Both Chara & Nikos were very clear from our very first meeting.
Yes, there would be the pre-wedding shoot, a pre-wedding warm-up gathering for drinks,
and the wedding ceremony, formals and all that… BUT
for them it was really all about the wedding PARTY!
And boy did they throw one AMAZING wedding party!!!
Check it out –>

Maria & Thanos | Wedding in Andros island, Greece

Don’t remember if Thanos and his mates covered “I was made for lovin’ you” during their live at the pre-wedding beach party.
It sure fits these two perfectly!
It was plain to see throughout the week of wedding celebrations we spent with them on the beautiful island of Andros…