Backstage / Lazy D @lentil’s studio

We always love it in the studio!

We love it even more when we are joined there by other creative, talented, fun people.

The vintage inspired dress makers @Lazy D where kind enough to trust us with two of their amazing handmade wedding gowns, while Angela Rapti provided some lovely handmade shoes. We were already on the road to that sweet bygone era but when the Dazzlin’ Gal started pulling her magic tricks with the make-up and hair we were really transported! Elvis and Marilyn where humming songs in our ears and dancing around (the clock). Yep, it was a long shoot but our model Helektra never stopped smiling and shining with positive energy!

Long story short… we had a blast and managed to make quite a few pretty nice pics, a selection of which you will be seeing very soon. 🙂