A Day @the G.S.C.

The Greek Society of Cinematographers is THE place for an aspiring D.o.P. in Greece.
You get to watch films on the big screen, followed by Q&A with the director and D.o.P., followed by a small dinner that might as well turn into a small party with live music and whatnot ūüėČ

Equipment tests, articles related to the craft of cinematography, news from the film world plus much more.
These are all so very valuable, but in my experience the best part of being a friend of the G.S.C. is having the opportunity to mingle and converse with some of the best and most experienced D.o.P’s around.

The following photographs were made during the day of G.S.C.’s screening of Nikos Kalogeropoulos
beautiful film “Oi ippeis tis Pylou”¬†in the presence of the Director and the film’s Director of Photography Yannis Drakoularakos GSC.
They will hopefully serve as a small memento of that day and a big thank you to all the people @the G.S.C. who have been so welcoming to me and open to share their knowledge and experience.

Cheers G.S.C.!