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Corporis Miracula Ensemble Staged 24,25,26&27 Oct. 2014 @Greek Art Theatre Karolos Koun

Fear & Loathing in Maratho

Just a wee taste of this year’s August nights (-turned dawns-turned days) in Ikaria.
Huge hug to all the people that once again made it feel like home for me there!!! 🙂

Emma & Harri | Wedding @Kea-Tzia Island

This weekend was my only two days of pure relax and fun in all 2013!
Harri had promised me an incredible amount of beer and he delivered. He never mentioned anything about incredible amounts of delicious food but he delivered again and who was I to say no!

Old buddies and new faces, an adorable bride, an exquisite environment, all was perfetto and I just so happened to be carrying a camera with me which I set to the ‘relaxed/half drunk’ program and… VOILA!

Hope you like them guys.

Thank you so much for the honor and the pleasure and I sincerely wish that your whole life together runs as smooth and soul soothingly as that weekend run for me.

Much Love & Best Wishes.

Ektos eaftou

Publicity shoot for Maria Giagiannou’s theatrical play ‘Ektos Eaftou’
presented @C.A.M.P. Athens (May-June 2013)