Melissa & Alex | Wedding in the Athenian Riviera

MUA: Frantzeska Koukoula

Bridal Prep & Wedding Reception Venue: Athenian Riviera Island Private House


Argentinian-American bride, Greek-German groom…
met somewhere in Europe…
got married in the best European wedding destination, Greece (😜)
Now living in New York… Talk about love transcending all borders!

Melissa and Alex tied the knot at the Athenian Riviera with a wedding reception – party @ the Island Private House featuring guests from all over the globe. And they where all so open-hearted, so welcoming that they rendered the ole “Love conquers all” thing obsolete… Because it was clear that night, that it’s not about conquest. It was clear that when there is love there are no borders, no ethnicities, no religions or political ideologies, there is really nothing to conquer. There is only sharing.

Melissa, Alex, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful day and all this love and joy and beauty that was with us!



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  1. Néstor 18/03/2019 at 8:55 am

    Keep in our memories this beautiful moments save in our hearts for ever. Beautiful pictures captured the perfect moments unrepeatable.
    Néstor, Patricia and Lesley Guardia

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