Petros is a friend.
Petros is an upcoming acting talent.
Petros has a borderline obsession with ancient Greek mythology.
What you see here is a somewhat strange but also ( hopefully ) intriguing mix of
all of the above with a little bit of lentil 😉


Χρόνος / Chronos (Time) – Κρόνος / Kronos (Cronus) – Κραίνω / Kreno.


Δολίχη (Dolichi) is an ancient toponym for the island of Ikaria ( Greece )
During our August 2011 summer relax stay there, we could not sit on our asses. There was a magical combination of rock, sea and…

Atermon Plefsis | an artist’s video portrait

In 2010, in preparation for his exhibition ”Atermon Plefsi III” (Endless Sailing III) in the National Art Museum of China, Vangelis Rinas built a 12 meter long instrument-shaped wooden boat. His initial inspiration for the work was drawn by the shape of an olive leaf and that combined with the idea…