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Fear & Loathing in Maratho

Just a wee taste of this year’s August nights (-turned dawns-turned days) in Ikaria.
Huge hug to all the people that once again made it feel like home for me there!!! 🙂

Atermon Plefsis | an artist’s video portrait

In 2010, in preparation for his exhibition ”Atermon Plefsi III” (Endless Sailing III) in the National Art Museum of China, Vangelis Rinas built a 12 meter long instrument-shaped wooden boat. His initial inspiration for the work was drawn by the shape of an olive leaf and that combined with the idea…


Back from Ikaria for the second time. We wish we could stay there longer (every time we return to Athens that thought is the first on our minds) but we did get our fair share of fresh air, trekking and great…


Sunday was tough with lots of off-road miles covered but with some pretty good images captured too! We thought we should call it a day @ around 21.30 and go to “bed” early so that we could catch next day’s dawn refreshed. It was around 02.30 that we woke up thinking someone nearby was using …