Atermon Plefsis | an artist’s video portrait

In 2010, in preparation for his exhibition ”Atermon Plefsi III” (Endless Sailing III) in the National Art Museum of China, Vangelis Rinas built a 12 meter long instrument-shaped wooden boat. His initial inspiration for the work was drawn by the shape of an olive leaf and that combined with the idea of a heptachord led to the final design. He asked Yang Shaobo, a Chinese student he met in Athens, to write a piece of prose poetry entitled ‘The Dream Boat’ and carved more than 500 Chinese characters of the poetry on the boat. Part of the story was also embedded on the boat in Chinese Braille script by Rinas.
The boat was donated to the Beijing National Centre for the Performing Arts on May 16th 2013 and is now on permanent display in its premises.
This clip is an attempt to portray the artist and his ongoing creative journey, his own ‘Endless Sailing’ (Atermon Plefsi).