Lazy D Summer 2018 Collection Shoot @lentil Studio

Back at the studio with Lazy D to help them present their
fabulous summer 2018 collection of handmade dresses and wedding gowns.
If you’re looking for some truly unique pieces to wear this summer
do check them out! 😉

Lentil Party mkI

Να μας έχει ο Θεός γερούς πάντα ν’ανταμώνουμε και να ξεφαντώνουμε!

Shooting Therapy @Ikaria

G.A.S. free!!
Contains: Canon Sprint, Konica III, Kodak Tmax 400, Ilford hp5 plus 400, Olympus XZ-2 iHS and lots of love! 🙂

(G.A.S. = Gear Acquisition Syndrome)


Petros is a friend.
Petros is an upcoming acting talent.
Petros has a borderline obsession with ancient Greek mythology.
What you see here is a somewhat strange but also ( hopefully ) intriguing mix of
all of the above with a little bit of lentil 😉

My Girls

My new baby (Nikon D750) joined my all time favourite babies for the first time.
It was fun!