Julie & George | Wedding @Valasia Estate

There’s a really important piece of advice we share with all the couples that contact us while they search for the perfect wedding photographer
for their big day: Try to see as many full wedding posts as you can!
And it’s really important because this is the only way they can have an informed opinion on the photographer’s style and aesthetic,
what essentially they will be getting as a photographic result in the end.
At the end of this here full wedding post you’ll find an image that doesn’t say anything about our photographic style and aesthetic.
It’s not even taken by us! [ thanks for the click George B. 🙂 ]
But it’s there because IT IS US!
It captures and reveals what wedding photography is all about for us!
Gioulitsa kai Giwrgo mas, we love you guys and wish you all the best!

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot With Rea & Nikolas

Don’t you love it when a few sun rays find their way into the darkest spots of the wood,
creating little pools of light and warmth?
We do!
Especially when there’s a lovely couple around
that’s up for a pre-wedding shoot! 😉

Silia & Anestis | Wedding Ikariana

“Hey lentil guys! We are Silia & Anestis,
we really dig your photography
and would like you to be our wedding photographers!”
Pretty standard stuff so far.
“We live in London and will be getting married @Ikaria this summer.”


In the beginning we thought that was gonna be a tough one.
What with the absolute absence of a dedicated wedding venue, the tough roads, or the distance from Athens… let alone London!
But as we started to get to know Silia & Anestis we realised Ikaria was the only place this couple could have the wedding of their dreams.

They both worked hard to organize and prepare everything and with a little precious help from Chrysanthi and Zacharias of they truly ended up with a dream wedding.
We’re not talking about dreams of luxury and glamour
but of SHARING moments, fun, labour, laughs, tears, love… life.
In line with the Ikarian spirit and with all a wedding should essentially be about.

Thank you so much for letting us in guys!
We wish you all the best! 🙂

Christina & Giannis | Pre-Wedding @Plaka, Athens

Beautiful, elegant, mellow and with a healthy dose of humour,
Christina and Giannis are the perfect couple for an early September wedding shoot!
While we pack for the traditional little village of Limni in North Evia,
where their wedding will be taking place,
why not feast your eyes and warm your heart with some lovely pics
from their pre-wedding shoot @Plaka?
See you soon pitsounakia! 😉

Silia & Anestis @Erifi, Ikaria

Beloved island.
Beloved couple.
Siliaki, Anestako,
though far
you’re in our thoughts.
Sending you all our love! 🙂

Sofia & Kyriakos | Wedding @Delago Estate Lagonisi

Sometimes words just aren’t enough…
This is one of those times!
We feel so lucky to have met Sofia and Kyriakos
and were not only honored but immensely happy too,
to be among their family and friends on their wedding day.

We hope we’ve created a photographic memoir worthy of the love and happiness
that was flowing all around that day and wish the flow goes strong for the rest of your life!


Christina & Dimitris | Pre-Wedding @Piraeus

Christina and Dimitris are so easy going and kind,
this pre-wedding photoshoot flowed as smoothly as fresh water,
despite all the heat!
Can’t wait for their wedding tonight! ?