Julie & George | Pre Wedding @Elefsina

Just a few hours before Julie and George’s big day kicks off and our fingers are itching 😀
We’re sure it’s going to be another awesome day at work today,
and when we head home we’ll be sporting some huge smiles
+ carrying lots of beautiful, love filled moments with us!
Take a peek at their pre-wedding shoot and we bet you’ll find
the optimism is totally justified 😉

Euaggelia & Stelios | Pre Wedding @Penteli

Euaggelia is so sensitive and sweet
that you can’t help getting a little worried this world is too harsh for her.
But worry not!
She’s got her knight in shining (and flying, mind you) armor to protect her, and tomorrow he’ll be pledging his proverbial sword to her for life.
Meet Euaggelia & Stelios, our wedding couple for tomorrow night 😀

Baby Louis | Christening in Limpsfield Surrey

Ria, Nigel, thank you so much for having us around and for your hospitality!
Louis, we wish you all the best buddy!!!
Everybody, meet our super-cool new friend Louis… 😀

Vassiliki & Stratos | Romantic Pre-Wedding shoot @Pelion

A couple of days to go and we’re so looking forward to their wedding,
as we know we’re in for a treat!
Vasso and Stratos are such a loving and kind couple.
We’ve no doubt that on their big day they’ll offer us an experience every bit as warm and click-worthy
as this first ride!
See you soon guys 😀

Silia & Thanos | @Villa Iolas

This one carries a special weight in our creative hearts!
When we think about Silia and Thanos words like cool, immaculate style, finesse instantly pop to mind.
So the location for their pre-wedding shoot needed to fit the bill.
The house of the legendary Alexandre Iolas was better than what we could ever dream of…
And as often is the case when dreams come true, the feelings where mixed:
On one hand there was the awe that the history of the place inspired and on the other
a great sadness for the lack of respect with which some of our fellow Greeks have approached Iolas’ legacy.
No mixed feelings about the resulting pictures though!
All warm and nice there 😉

Evi & Konstantinos | Wedding @Polo Club Varimpompi

From our very first meeting with Evi and Konstantinos we could sense an air of elegance and fine taste about this couple.
Their wedding day confirmed our first feeling in the best possible way,
from the beautiful reception venue at the Polo Club in Varimpompi up to the smallest detail
that Ioanna of ”La Madrina” arranged.
They were wonderful as hosts too! Generous, kind and always in good humor.
If you asked us for just a few words to paint the picture, we’d easily go with:
‘We were mingling with nobility!’
So, we humbly and very happily present to you…
The wedding of Lord Konstantinos and Lady Evi 😛

Martha & Spyros | Wedding in Athens

Martha and Spyros. Cute, Crazy and In Love!
Just the way we like our couples ;P
Thank you guys! A.T.B. 🙂