terra ikaria trip2

Sunday was tough with lots of off-road miles covered but with some pretty good images captured too! We thought we should call it a day @ around 21.30 and go to “bed” early so that we could catch next day’s dawn refreshed.  It was around 02.30 that we woke up thinking someone nearby was using a pretty big flash head. Thunderstorm to the North and North-East. We spent a good half hour trying to decide if we should try to make something out of it or just sit and watch the fireworks. In the end we just did this one as a reminder of the unforeseen beauty encountered. (The clouds @image center are not lit by the sun. That’s THUNDER dear!) Monday was an all day long game of hide and seek with the rain. Hopefully it’ll be dry weather for the next few days (the equipment could sure use a bit of dry 😉 )